riviw best restaurant in Medina

Medina is one of the cities that has always been the dream of many people to visit with its various charms. Therefore, for those who are already in Medina, don’t miss some interesting things including various culinary visits that will provide an interesting experience for you. Here you need to know the list of the best restaurants in Medina.
Given that Madinah is one of the cities visited by migrants from various countries, then the culinary in Medina also various types. There are also many of the best restaurants that provide a variety of interesting menus that can be your mainstay. Well, to get to know about it further, you just refer to the review below.

Arabesque Restuarant

This one restaurant is the best and is highly recommended for reference. For those of you visiting Madinah, don’t forget to come here and get the best service that has been provided. Of course it is complete with a menu that has a delicious taste and can be a mainstay to pamper your tongue.
For the assessment, both the food and service provided are balanced and equally perfect so that no one will disappoint you. While the type of food that you will find here is typical Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, as the name suggests. In addition to the amazing interior and exterior design, you will be more satisfied here.
In this restaurant you can get good facilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of interesting offers. For those who are in the process of deit, you can use special packages available. Although here the price can be said to be quite high, but make no mistake because the price is comparable to the taste offered.

Al Baik Restaurant
The best restaurant recommendation in the next Medina whose class is not inferior to the name above is Al Baik Restaurant. This restaurant provides various forms of fast food that you can eat in Medina with its delicious taste. For those of you who are already in Medina, you must visit and try dishes at this restaurant.
The special taste of the Middle East and its aroma are very attached to the food that is a dish in this restaurant so it will provide an interesting experience for you. In fact, so far all Al Baik restaurants are always crowded. With this, you certainly won’t regret visiting there. Especially considering this restaurant provides services from lunch to late at night.

Al Habibi
Finally, Al Habibi can also be the best restaurant reference that you need to try for those who are visiting Madinah. For those who long for Asian food, this restaurant is perfect because the cuisine category is Pakistani and Asian food. Of course with a delicious taste, it’s no wonder that every day this restaurant is never quiet.
In addition, it is important to know that the services provided are of very high value too fast. With various types of menus and offers, this restaurant is increasingly recommended again. You can also get the best service both at breakfast, lunch, dinner, even late at night. Best Restaurant in Madinah

Of the names of the best restaurants in Medina, of course one of them is ready to become your mainstay. In fact, if you remember all three have a good history, maybe the three of them also become favorite restaurants in Medina. As for the selection, just adjust it to the typical you like.